Pulaski County

Excel by Eight in Pulaski County

The E8 coalition in Pulaski County is led by the City of Little Rock, with Dr. Jay Barth, Chief Education Officer, serving as chairperson. E8 is one of four committees on Mayor Frank Scott’s Lifelong Learning Cabinet, the city’s broader effort to support children and youth from birth to career.

In Pulaski County, E8 is narrower in scope, focusing mostly on the capital city. The effort launched in March 2020 by implementing the Early Development Instrument (EDI) in the Little Rock School District. The EDI is a population measure of how children are developing based on the five domains of early childhood development: physical health and wellbeing; social competence; emotional maturity; language and cognitive skills; and communication skills and general knowledge. The steering committee is currently involved in the research phase, which is a critical first step in identifying needs and priorities that reflect local context.


    Home to state government

    Major industries are healthcare, aerospace, and banking and finance

    Little Rock Central High was one of the first sites of integration following the Brown v. Board of Education ruling

    Steering Committee

    Dr. Jay Barth, Chair, City of Little Rock

    Arisbeth Johnson, Alas/Wings

    Anna Strong, Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics 

    Rhonda Sanders, Arkansas Foodbank

    Tyra Greenwood, Arkansas Home Visiting Network

    Patty Barker, Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance

    Dionne Jackson, AR Kids Read

    Lisa Donovan, Central Arkansas Library System

    Ryan Davis, Children International

    David Kuchinski, Centers for Youth and Families

    Steve Biernacki, City Connections

    Lori Ducey, World Central Kitchen

    Tiffany Lepard, Foster Parent

    Danita Paige, Geyer Springs United Methodist Church

    Ray Scott, Health Information Technology

    Mike Ramirez, Hope Credit Union

    Esther Jones, Little Rock School District – Early Childhood

    Jacqueline McEuen, Little Rock School District – School Health

    Margo Bushmiaer, Little Rock School District – School Health

    Al Richardson, Life Skills for Youth

    Larry Clark, Life Skills for Youth

    Diego Morales Ibarra, Mexican Consulate

    Stephany Granados, Mexican Consulate

    Maureen Martin, Our House

    Sarah Argue, Pulaski County Imagination Library

    LeCole White, SafeCare

    Wendy Ward, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

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    Realizing the EDI’s Full Impact

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    Uncovering the Impact of the Early Development Instrument

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