Sevier County

Excel by Eight in Sevier County

As a partner in the original E8 cohort, the Sevier County Coalition organized on behalf of economic and community development and leads E8 in the county.

The steering committee conducted Data Walks at schools, health fairs, and higher education institutions to help align community feedback and determine priorities. In the midst of a large influx of English Language Learners, Sevier County’s third grade reading proficiency scores are currently 20 points above the state average. The steering committee strives to leverage that success while strengthening their resource grid in the following areas: food security, physical activity, reproductive health and income supports.

Kindergarten teachers in both local school districts completed the Early Development Instrument (EDI) assessment for their students. The EDI is a population measure of how young children are developing based on the five domains of early childhood development: physical health and wellbeing; social competence; emotional maturity; language and cognitive skills; and communication skills and general knowledge. Kindergarten teachers in  school district completed the assessment for their students. This data will help Sevier County set goals for their identified priorities. 


Located in Southwest Arkansas, bordering the Gulf Coastal Plains

University of Arkansas Cossatot Community College

Quickly growing Latinx and Marshallese population

An abundance of rivers and lakes gave rise to historical fishing and forestry industries

Steering Committee

Janet Cantrell, Chair, University of Arkansas Extension Services
Mary Runnels, Co-Chair, Department of Human Services
Amy Smith, Horatio Public Schools
Beth Tody, Horatio Public Schools
Cheryl Byrd, Sevier County Health Unit
Deborah Hedge, Sevier County Health Unit
Erika Buenrrostro, University of Arkansas Cossatot Community College
Kim Kennemore, De Queen-Mena Education Service Cooperative
Kimberly Johnson, Little Bitty City Enrichment Center
Omar Gallardo, Community Member
Ray Reynolds, De Queen First Assembly
Angie Walker, Office of Dr. Randy Walker, MD

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