Excel by Eight is focused on building a reliable resource grid, where all Arkansas families and communities have what they need to help children thrive.


E8 Communities in Arkansas are improving health and education outcomes for their children.


A child’s first 3 years build the foundation for future learning, behavior, and health.

Realizing the EDI’s Full Impact

Realizing the EDI’s Full Impact

Building a strong foundation for children’s success starts with taking a look at where they are now. Enter the Early Development Instrument (EDI), which offers a comprehensive view of how children are developing in neighborhoods and census tracts across...

T.E.A.C.H.ing Our Future

T.E.A.C.H.ing Our Future

Arkansas’s economy depends on quality early care and education. These programs not only allow parents to return to and stay engaged at work, they also provide stimulating, responsive learning environments for children during critical periods of early development....

Uncovering the Impact of the Early Development Instrument

Uncovering the Impact of the Early Development Instrument

When building a house it is best to start with a strong foundation. This applies to early brain development as well. The brain develops faster in a child’s first three years than any other time in life, laying the bricks and mortar of future learning and success. A...

Our Impact


more children with healthy beginnings

more children in Home Visiting

more children in quality child care