Excel by Eight is focused on building a reliable resource grid, where all Arkansas families and communities have what they need to help children thrive.


E8 Communities in Arkansas are improving health and education outcomes for their children.


A child’s first 3 years build the foundation for future learning, behavior, and health.

Celebrating School Breakfast Month: A Sevier County Q&A

Celebrating School Breakfast Month: A Sevier County Q&A

When we’re hungry, it can be difficult to think of anything but our next snack or meal. Without a refuel, our moods, behaviors, and well-being soon begin to suffer. For far too many Arkansas children, this feeling of persistent hunger is their everyday reality....

Healthier smiles, healthier children

Healthier smiles, healthier children

The following post was originally written by Chrissy Chatham as an op-ed for Talk Business & Politics and published February 13, 2021. The original article can be found here.  if we’re sick or in pain, it can be difficult to focus on or complete work-related...

Realizing the EDI’s Full Impact

Realizing the EDI’s Full Impact

Building a strong foundation for children’s success starts with taking a look at where they are now. Enter the Early Development Instrument (EDI), which offers a comprehensive view of how children are developing in neighborhoods and census tracts across...

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