Excel by Eight is focused on building a reliable resource grid, where all Arkansas families and communities have what they need to help children thrive.


E8 Communities in Arkansas are improving health and education outcomes for their children.


A child’s first 3 years build the foundation for future learning, behavior, and health.

What is Home Visiting?

What is Home Visiting?

Whether teaching positive parenting skills or helping caregivers secure child care, the Arkansas Home Visiting Network (AHVN) is focused on providing quality, evidence-based services to help families during pregnancy and until their kids enter kindergarten. Tyra...

School Readiness in Cedar Ridge

School Readiness in Cedar Ridge

Photo courtesy of Cedar Ridge School District. How can we measure children’s development? We must rely on insight from those closest to them. Throughout the school year, teachers have the opportunity to witness key facets of students’ cognitive, emotional, physical,...

3 Benefits of Early Childhood Education

3 Benefits of Early Childhood Education

When does learning begin? For decades, kindergarten was viewed as the cornerstone of children’s educational and real-world success. But research now consistently shows brain development happens much earlier. In fact, it starts at birth. According to the American...

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more children with healthy beginnings

more children in Home Visiting

more children in quality child care